Steve Anapoell was invited by organizers to speak at the 2015 China Overseas Investment and Entrepreneurship Summit

[+] (COIES) October 9-11 in Beijing. This international EB-5 networking event was organized to help Chinese migration agents and private equity partners connect with leading U.S. EB-5 professionals. Prominent Chinese investment consultants, wealth managers and other professionals also attended the two-day summit, where speakers and panelists from the U.S. and China addressed a wide variety of issues in the EB-5 community. Mr. Anapoell’s presentation focused on securities law and issues related to EB-5 due diligence. He was also interviewed by China’s CCTV News while he was there. Here are a few highlights from the event.


Steve Anapoell speaking at COIES in October 2015

Steve Anapoell explains EB-5 due diligence and related securities law matters to participants at the China Overseas Investment and Entrepreneurship Summit in October 2015.


Steve Anapoell being interviewed by China's CCTV News

While in Beijing, Steve Anapoell was interviewed by CCTV News about his perspective on the Win Fund, a new alliance among Chinese immigration agents for EB-5 projects.


Steve Anapoell with Peking Opera performers

After a showcase performance by the Peking Opera, conference attendees had the opportunity to meet the performers. Here, Steve poses with members of the Peking Opera in full costume.


Steve Anapoell with a Peking Opera performer at a formal reception

Steve poses with one of the lead performers in the Peking Opera at a formal VIP reception in Beijing.


Steve Anapoell and Winner Xing

Steve Anapoell and Dr. Winner Xing, president and chief executive officer of Worldway Immigration Group in China. Worldway is a prominent member of the new Win Fund alliance.


Steve Anapoell and Rachel Wang of Chongqing Exit and Entry Services Association

Steve Anapoell of BridgeForth Capital and Rachel Wang, president of Chongqing Exit and Entry Services Association, pose with their US China Investment Achievement Awards.


Steve Anapoell with Henry Zhao of Henry Global

Steve Anapoell with Dr. Henry Zou, founder of Henry Global Consulting Group, one of the largest immigration consulting firms in China. The Henry Group is another key member of the recently established Win Fund Overseas Investment Group.


Steve Anapoell, Mattie Hunter, and Peter Sun

Steve Anapoell with Illinois State Senator Mattie Hunter and film director Peter Sun.