James J. McKay, III

Jim McKay serves as CEO of BridgeForth Finance, an affiliate of BridgeForth Capital. BridgeForth Finance was created especially to launch a new fund for the purpose of supporting bridge and construction loans in the Rockbridge Development Group portfolio. AS CEO, Mr. McKay leads all origination, underwriting and fund raising activities.

BridgeForth Finance is the third successful fund Mr. McKay has helped launch and lead. He has over 30 years of additional experience at both GE Capital and Bank of America, where he launched numerous businesses, opened up new global markets, and led divisions to achievements still unsurpassed.

Prior to joining BridgeForth Finance, Mr. McKay served as Partner and co-founder of Imperium Global Partners (IGP), a company aimed at helping Mr. McKay’s hedge fund customers to export products into new markets including MENA, Southeast Asia and the Balkans. IGP has overseas offices in Amman, Jordan, and recently opened its office in Doha, Qatar. IGP is a fully authorized ITAR distributor and broker as well as holds a Class 7 FFL.

Mr. McKay is a member of the Board of Forefront Income Trust (symbol FIT), a new Mutual Fund which became “effective” as per the SEC in December 2014. Forefront Income Trust’s charter is to fund senior debt transactions where premium returns can be earned safely for investors. Additionally, Forefront Income Trust is the first Mutual Fund of its kind to be accessible to unaccredited investors, providing an innovative alternative for a range of investors which are currently underserved via existing investment vehicles.

Prior to IGP, Mr. McKay was the Group President for New Stream Commercial Finance LLC where he played a critical role in the portfolio’s significant growth and generating superior returns for Investors.

Mr. McKay’s career prior to hedge funds was based in large institutions such as Bank of America and GE Capital. At Bank of America, Mr. McKay was CEO of the Healthcare Leasing Business, rapidly growing this division to become among the most profitable within one year of his entrance. Prior to Bank of America, Mr. McKay spent 23 years at GE Capital where he started and led a number of new businesses and divisions, all of which remain successful today. All of Mr. McKay’s businesses can be categorized as “customer-centric” while also remaining fact-driven, with extremely strong teams and world class processes leading to operational excellence.

Mr. McKay has a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma statistical methods obtained while he was President of GE Capital Business Credit.

Mr. McKay is a military veteran serving with SEAL Team Two and continues to be active with the UDT SEAL Association. He is also the past Chairman and is a current Board Member of the Work First Foundation, which has placed over 35,000 people into jobs from “welfare to work” programs as well as veterans seeking to transition from the military to the business world.

Mr. McKay received a B.S. in Economics from Rutgers University and a MBA from Rutgers University, where he graduated first in his class.

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